Potsherd: Atlas of Roman Pottery

AfricaThe African provinces produced amphoras, red-slipped table wares and cooking wares which are widely distributed around the Mediterranean and across the northern provinces.
BritainPottery produced within the province of Britain fulfills most of the local demand throughtout the Roman period. Some wares find their way in relatively small quantities to northern Gaul.
EasternVarious types of amphora and fine wares from the eastern provinces (Greece, Asia Minor, Palestine, Egypt and the eastern Mediterranean islands) have distributions in the west, including Britain.
GaulSome pottery industries based in Gaul exported their products widely, particularly during the early Roman period. Gaulish terra sigillata, amphoras, mortaria and fine wares supplied markets throughout the western Empire, including Britain.
GermanyTerra sigillata and other fine wares, some coarse wares and mortaria from the German provinces are distributed through the Rhineland provinces, across northern Gaul and to Britain.
IberiaThe Iberian provinces, particularly Baetica and Tarraconensis (bordering the Mediterranean) are major sources of olive oil, fish sauces and wine which was carried around the Mediterranean and across the northern provinces in amphoras.
ItalyAmphoras, terra sigillata, fine wares, mortaria and some specialised cooking wares from Italy are widely distributed around the Mediterranean and across the norther provinces during the early Roman period.
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