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Almagro 50 amphoras

A cylindrical amphora with a long body, short spike and neck and thick triangular rim, to which the thick, short round handles are joined, in pale buff or grey fabrics. Produced in the southern Iberian provinces and with a wide distribution around the western Mediterranean and sparsely in the north-western provinces.

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Fabric and technology

Pale buff-grey fabric with numerous white limestone inclusions.


Long cylindrical body terminating in short hollow spike with short neck and thick triangular rim, to which the thick round handles are joined.


Stamps on some handles (list in Edmondson 1987, 167-170).


4th to 5th c. AD.


Lusitania (Portugal), particularly the Algarve.


Around Western Mediterranean (including examples from wrecks) with a few specimens from northern Gaul and Britain.


Keay class XXII. Lusitania (Edmondson) type II. Peacock and Williams class 22 (Ostia VII, Keay XXII).


Discussion in: Keay 1984, 151, 155; Edmondson 1987, 165-170, 175; Alarcão and Mayet 1990.


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Distribution of Almagro 50 amphoras in Britain
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Almagro 50 amphoras
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