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Aldgate-Pulborough terra sigillata

Terra sigillata manufactured at Pulborough (Sussex/GB), and perhaps also at London (GB) during early-mid 2nd century AD, with limited distribution in south-east England.

Fabric and technology

Somewhat variable, but generally deep orange-red dense fabric with darker core, a tendancy to slight blistering and pimply at the surface, with a dull flaking slip.


Decorated bowls (Drag. 30, 37) and plain wares (Drag. 18 or 18/31, 33, 35, 36, Curle 11 and others).


Two name stamps, G. Se.- Verian(us) and Acapa, on plain wares.


The elements employed on the decorated bowls are ‘borrowed’ from vessels made by potters working at Les Martres-de-Veyre and Lezoux (Central Gaul), probably by copying from finished bowls (/ The dating of these ‘source’ vessels suggest activity in the period c. AD 120-150.


Discovery of mould fragments at Pulborough (Sussex) suggests production in that area. The ‘waster’ from Aldgate may suggest a further workshop in London.


Limited; most findspots are in Sussex and lower Thames valley, with outliers to west (Sea Mills, Avon) and north (Hockwold-cum-Wilton, Norfolk).



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Distribution of Aldgate-Pulborough terra sigillata in Britain
Terra sigillata forms and kiln sites
  • Database of the principal terra sigillata forms.
  • Map of the principal terra sigillata kiln sites
National Roman Fabric Reference Collection
(Dore & Tomber 1998, Museum of London Archaeology Service Monograph 2)
  • Fabric code: PUL SA (Pulborough samian, p.186).
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The pottery kilns of Roman Britain (Swan 1984)
Kilns producing this ware are located at:
  • London (Middx)
  • Pulborough (Sussex)
Further details of these sites are available through the link above, and are summarized and mapped here.
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