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B1 amphoras

A globular two-handled amphora with conical neck, everted rim and grooves on the upper body in pale fabrics. Produced in the Aegean and widely distributed around eastern Mediterranean (more rarely in the west) from the 5th to 7th centuries AD.

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Fabric and technology

Hard, fine-textured buff or pink ware, often with large white inclusions visible.


Two handled vessel with globular body, conical neck and everted rim; upper part of body covered with a band of horizontal grooves.


From 5th to early 7th c. AD.


The Aegean area, perhaps Chios.


Wide distribution around the eastern Mediterranean; rare in northern Europe but some examples on post-Roman sites in Western Britain.


Keay fabric 21. Keay class LXV. Peacock and Williams class 43 (Scorpan 7A, Carthage LR2, Benghazi LR2, Keay LXV).


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Distribution of B1 amphoras in Britain
B1 amphoras
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