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Central Gaulish black-slipped ware

A fine black-slipped ware, commonly beakers and cups with rouletted or barbotine decoration, produced in Central Gaul and widely distributed across Gaul and Britain during the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD.

Fabric and technology

Fine-textured fabric; generally pink (2.5YR 6/6) or light red (2.5YR 4/6) with glossy black or dark reddish-brown (10YR 3/1) slip; characteristic micaceous matrix, with fine quartz, limestone and sparse red iron ore inclusions. Decoration includes fine horizontal rouletted lines, barbotine ‘ivy scrolls’ and animals, and occasional appliqué motifs. Wheel-thrown.


Beakers and cups. Some overlap with sigillata forms and techniques.

Description Gillam
1 Two-handled cup
2 Hemispherical cup (Drag. 40) 210
3 Shouldered beaker with plain base
4-5 Plain beaker with pedestal base 48
6 Plain beaker with plain base
7 Folded beaker

Table 1.  Principal Central Gaulish black-slipped forms


Develops from earlier Central Gaulish colour-coated ware traditions by c. AD 150, until early 3rd cent.


The Central Gaulish sigillata workshops, including Lezoux.


In Gaul, generally distributed east of the Saône (little overlap with Moselkeramik) and noted in Paris basin and along the Loire. In Britain, seems to be present throughout, but inadequate identifications make detailed mapping difficult.


Conflated with Moselkeramik in JRPS bibliography as rhn.


Caister-on-sea fabric CGBL-30. Carlisle fabric 323. Chelmsford fabric 8. Colchester fabric CLNE. Gestingthorpe fabric C2. Gloucester fabrics TF12I and TF12J. Lullingstone fabric 6. Milton Keynes fabric 23c. Old Penrith fabric 14. Kent fine fabric 3e. Towcester fabric 14a.


For description of fabric and differentiation from Moselkeramik: Brewster 1972; Greene 1978a; Greene 1978b; Richardson 1986, 115-18. Lezoux examples illustrated and described in Bet et al. 1987. Symonds 1992, groups 6-15. There is some overlap between CGBL, the earlier colour-coated fabrics of Central Gaul (CGCC) and Central Gaulish ‘black samian’.


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Distribution of Central Gaulish black-slipped ware in Britain
Roman Pottery in Britain (Tyers 1996)
  • Fabric code: CGBL (p.137)
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National Roman Fabric Reference Collection
(Dore & Tomber 1998, Museum of London Archaeology Service Monograph 2)
  • Fabric code: CNG BS (Central Gaulish Black-slipped ware, p.50).
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La céramique romaine en Gaule du Nord
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Central Gaulish black-slipped ware
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