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Eifel-region mortaria

Mortaria manufactured in Eifel region (DE) during 1st century AD with limited distribution along the Lower Rhine and in southern England.

Fabric and technology

Hard, rough unevenly mixed creamy-yellow (10YR 8/2) fabric with abundant red-brown inclusions of fine-textured sandstone, siltstone and clay pellets; wheel-thrown.


Mortarium with distinctive short thick flange and barely projecting spout Cam.~194.




Probably the Eifel region of Germany (Williams in Manning 1993, 424). Hawkes and Hull note that the Camulodunum specimens are in a similar clay to those from Hofheim (Hawkes and Hull 1947, 254).


Continental distribution not known, but probably lower and middle Rhine; occasional in Britain on pre-Flavian sites.


Chichester mortarium fabric 18. Exeter mortarium fabric FC19. JRPS bibliography fabric mem. Sheepen mortarium fabrics 4-5. Usk mortarium fabric 5.


Hartley in Manning 1993, 398, imp2.


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Distribution of Eifel-region mortaria in Britain
Roman Pottery in Britain (Tyers 1996)
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Eifel-region mortaria
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