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Almagro 54 (Gaza) amphoras

A cylindical `cigar-shaped' amphora with two small loop handles and coarse ribbing on the lower body in a rough fabric. Produced in the Gaza district of Palestine and widely distributed around the Mediterranean during the 4th to 7th centuries.

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Fabric and technology

Hard, rough fabric, with abundant sand and limestone temper; varying somewhat in colour, but often with a dark brown (5YR 5/6) surface.


Cylindrical amphora, usually described as ‘cigar shaped’, with loop handles on the shoulders, tapering towards base, usually with heavy ribbing on upper body. Majchereck (1995) defines four sub-classes, varing from examples with a rather bulging profile (form 1) to a taller, more slender variety (form 4).


Principal exports are from 4th to early 7th c. AD, but production from 1st c AD.


The Gaza district of Palestine, perhaps with some production in surrounding districts.


Wide distribution around the Mediterranean; occasional in Gaul and Britain.


Augst class 60. Keay class LIV. Peacock and Williams class 49 (Kuzmanov XIV, Carthage LR4, Gaza). British (Tintagel) class Bvi.


Typology, production and dating: Majchereck 1995. Distribution: Thomas 1981; Riley 1979; Bonifay and Villedieu 1989; Reynolds 1995, 71-83.


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Distribution of Almagro 54 (Gaza) amphoras in Britain
National Roman Fabric Reference Collection
(Dore & Tomber 1998, Museum of London Archaeology Service Monograph 2)
  • Fabric code: GAZ AM (Gaza amphorae, p.96).
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Almagro 54 (Gaza) amphoras
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