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Gloucester-region mortaria

Mortaria manufactured at or near Gloucester (Glos/GB) during 1st century AD with wide but thin distribution across southern Britain.

Fabric and technology

Hard, slightly rough fabric with irregular fracture; pale red-brown (7.5YR 7/6) fabric with a darker margins; fine inclusions of quartz sand and limestone set in micaceous, calcareous matrix; thin cream or white slip with clear or milky quartz trituration.


Mortaria, with bead and flange.


Stamped diagonally across the flange; principal potter is A. Terrentius Ripanus.


AD 55-90.


South-west England, probably the Gloucester region.


Rare, but scattered across western England and Wales, with outliers at London and Castleford.


Usk mortarium fabric 22.


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Distribution of Gloucester-region mortaria in Britain
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Gloucester-region mortaria
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