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Lincolnshire mortaria

Mortaria manufactured at several sites in and around Lincoln (Lincs/GB) during 2nd century AD; wide distribution across northern England and southern Scotland;

Fabric and technology

Usually hard, slightly rough fabric, varying from creamy-white (2.5YR 7/4 to 10YR 8/2) through to pink, often with a yellow or darker slip; fine quartz inclusions, slightly micaceous; gritted with ill-sorted quartz, red and black iron silicate slags and some flint. Vitalis mortaria from Technical College kiln are in a coarser, granular white fabric. Wheel-thrown.


Mortaria, with bead and roll rim or high bead and small flange, including Gillam 258.


In addition to those represented at the kiln sites, other potters can be assigned to a Lincolnshire source on fabric or distribution.

Name Date Source
AESICO 140-170 SC ?
BIL[I]CEDO 140-190 SC ?
BISO 120-150? TC
CRICO 140-180 SC
CUPITUS 140-170 SC
DECANIUS 110-160
MARTIC 100-125
SENICO 140-200
VITALIS i 90-115 TC
VOROLAS 140-200 SC

Table 1.  Principal Lincolnshire mortarium potters

Sources: SC = South Carlton, TC = Lincoln Technical College


2nd cent.


Kilns at the Lincoln Technical College site and at South Carlton.


East Midlands, northern England, and the Scottish frontier.


Carlisle fabric 616. Doncaster mortarium fabric 10. JRPS bibliography fabric llm.


RCHM gazetteer F454, F466; stamps of the principal potters described in Darling 1984, 69-73; Stead 1976, 116-26.


Darling 1984. Darling, M. J., Roman Pottery from the Upper Defences, Lincoln Archaeological Trust. Monograph, 16/2, Council for British Archaeology for the Lincoln Archaeological Trust, London, (1984).

Stead 1976. Stead, I. M., Excavations at Winterton Roman Villa and other sites in North Lincolnshire 1958-1967, Department of the Environment Archaeological Reports, 9, HMSO, London, (1976).

Distribution of Lincolnshire mortaria in Britain
Roman Pottery in Britain (Tyers 1996)
  • Fabric code: LIMO (p.122)
Thumbnail images (click for higher resolution):
National Roman Fabric Reference Collection
(Dore & Tomber 1998, Museum of London Archaeology Service Monograph 2)
  • Fabric code: LTC WH (Lincoln Technical College White ware, p.160).
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The pottery kilns of Roman Britain (Swan 1984)
Kilns producing this ware are located at:
  • Lincoln (Lincs)
  • South Carlton (Lincs)
Further details of these sites are available through the link above, and are summarized and mapped here.
Lincolnshire mortaria
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