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Mauretanian Dressel 30 amphoras

A flat-based two-handled amphora produced in Algeria and widely distributed around the western Mediterranean and more rarely in the north-west provinces during the 3rd century AD.

Illustration from Dressel's typology
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Two-handled amphora with high, rounded shoulders and narrow foot.


Principally 3rd c. AD.


Mauretania (Algeria). Some specimens bear stamps which mention the province of Mauretania, or more specifically the towns of Tubusuctu (Tiklat) and Saldae.


Around the western Mediterranean, particularly common in Sardinia and western Italy, including at Rome and Ostia. Only a scatter of specimens in Gaul and Britain.


Augst class 14. Keay fabric 6. Keay class I. Peacock and Williams class 38 (Ostia V, Keay I).


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Distribution of Mauretanian Dressel 30 amphoras in Britain
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