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North African red-slipped ware

A wide range of fine red-slipped table wares and coarser cooking wares produced in Tunisia and widely distributed around the Mediterranean and across the north-west provinces during the 2nd to 6th centuries AD.

Fabric and technology

North African wares comprise a series of related fabrics which share some common characteristics. The main variants are:

Early fabrics: Hard granular fabrics with pimply surfaces; brick-red or orange-red with fine quartz, sand and rare mica, with a fine polished glossy slip over all surfaces, similar in colour to the body. A related cooking-ware has a similar body, but traces of a dull slip (or unslipped) and is frequently blackened near the rim (late 1st-2nd cent).

Later thin fine fabric: A very thin, smooth-textured ware which tends to splinter in the break; thin slip, which may be glossy or matt (3rd cent.).

Later coarser ware: A series of granular ware with pimply surfaces; usually a matt slip, which does not cover all the surfaces (4th-5th cent).


The full range of forms in North African red slip ware is immense. Some of the earlier plates, cups and bowls (late 1st to mid-2nd cent.) follow Italian and Gaulish sigillata prototypes, but with barbotined or rouletted decoration. The later assemblage includes a variety large shallow plates or small bowls and coarse-ware bowls with sagging bases.


Production commences in the period c. AD 80/100 and continues until Arab invasions of 7th cent. In Britain, a scatter through the 2nd-4th cent. Some importation to western Britain with other Mediterranean imports, c. AD 475-550.




Widespread around the western Mediterranean from 2nd to 6th centuries, forming a significant part of assemblages in Provence and the Rhône valley during 3rd-5th cent. AD. Uncommon in northern provinces, although there are an increasing number of identifications from Britain.

Influence from African coarse ware styles can be seen in Gaulish and British industries of the 3rd cent (e.g. Swan 1994).


Carlisle fabric 146. JRPS bibliography fabric ars. Kent fine fabric 1. British (Tintagel) class Aii.


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Distribution of North African red-slipped ware in Britain
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North African red-slipped ware
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