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Pompeian-Red ware fabric 2

Platters (and accompanying lids) in a coarse micaceous ware with red-slipped internal surface, distributed around the Mediterranean and across the north-west provinces during the 1st century AD.

Fabric and technology

Hard, harsh orange-brown (2.5YR 5-6/8) fabric with hackly texture with patchy red slip (10R 4/6) on smoothed inner face; abundant inclusions of white and glassy quartz, mica and occasional composite rock fragments (a quartz-mica schist). Wheel-thrown.


Plain-rim dishes, some with light concentric grooves on the interior of the base. Lids not slipped.


Perhaps present at Haltern, and certainly in Augustan groups at Valence (Drôme) and Lyon. In Britain, 1st cent. AD, and often associated with PRW1.


The least well understood of the widely distributed PRW fabrics. Peacock suggested a Mediterranean source, and further examples have been identified from Sidi Khrebish (Libya): Kenrick 1983, 321, B481.2, B482.2; Settefinestre (Italy): Celuzza 1985, tav.31.3; Impasto 3; Lambaesis (Algeria): Unpublished, and Paphos (Cyprus): Hayes 1991, 79. fig.28 middle, 1.


Colchester fabric CSOB. Gloucester fabric TF16B.


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Distribution of Pompeian-Red ware fabric 2 in Britain
Roman Pottery in Britain (Tyers 1996)
  • Fabric code: PRW2 (p.158)
Pompeian-Red ware fabric 2
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