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South Devon burnished ware

Jars and bowls in a hard grey or black ware produced in south Devon (GB) and distributed in south-west England during the 3rd and 4th centuries AD.

Fabric and technology

Hard, with irregular fracture; normally dark-grey or black, but occasionally lighter yellow-brown or red-brown; abundant dark mica, and angular feldspar, with sparser quartz sand; exterior surfaces facet burnished. Most wheel-thrown, but some (larger) vessels hand-formed.


Later assemblage dominated by BB1-derived flanged bowls and everted rim jars; earlier jar forms with moulded rim may originate from later Iron Age Cornish gabbroic ware prototypes.


Earliest specimens from Neronian deposits, but wide distribution dates from late 2nd cent. to 4th cent.


South Devon.


Devon, Cornwall and west Dorset; outliers in London.


Exeter fabric 5. JRPS bibliography fabric sdw.


Bidwell and Silvester in Cunliffe 1988, 47-9 Holbrook and Bidwell 1991, 177-81;; for London specimens: Richardson 1986, 125 (but see comments by M. Wood in Holbrook and Bidwell 1991, 181, no. 18.1 on possible alternative source for some of these vessels).


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Distribution of South Devon burnished ware in Britain
Roman Pottery in Britain (Tyers 1996)
  • Fabric code: SDBB (p.196)
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National Roman Fabric Reference Collection
(Dore & Tomber 1998, Museum of London Archaeology Service Monograph 2)
  • Fabric code: SOD RE (South Devon (Micaceous) Reduced ware, p.126).
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South Devon burnished ware
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