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Soller mortaria

Mortaria manufactured at Soller (Nordrhein-Westfalen/DE) during 2nd century AD; distributed on lower Rhine valley and southern Britain.

Fabric and technology

Hard, fine-textured fabric, creamy-yellow in colour with pink core with large white trituration grits.


Mortaria, either wall-sided or with thick heavy flat flange.


Some vessels with large flange are stamped by Verecundus (AD 150-200); his products are notable for their large diameter (at c. 75cm, twice the size of an ‘average’ mortarium) and he leaves thumb impressions near the stamp and on the end of the spout.


AD 150-220.


Kilns excavated at Soller, Kreis Düren (30km SE of Köln).


The lower Rhineland and Britain, where they have a thin but widespread distribution. Several example from waterfront deposits at St Magnus House, London (Richardson 1986, 111).


Carlisle fabric 618. Chichester mortarium fabric 24. Dorchester fabric 42G. Exeter mortarium fabric FC18. JRPS bibliography fabric slm. Lullingstone fabric 38. Old Penrith fabric 116.


For the kilns see Haupt 1984, with a note by K. F. Hartley on Verecundus.


Haupt 1984. Haupt, D., ‘Römischer Töpfereibezirk bei Soller, Kreis Düren’ in Beiträge zur Archäologie des römischen Rheinlands, 4, ed. D. Haupt, Rheinische Ausgrabungen, 23, Rheinland-Verlag, Bonn/Köln, (1984).

Richardson 1986. Richardson, B., ‘The Pottery’ in The Roman quay at St. Magnus House London: excavations at New Fresh Wharf, Lower Thames Street, London, 1974-16, ed. Miller, LAMAS Special Paper, 8, LAMAS, London, (1986), pp. No 1.164-68.

Distribution of Soller mortaria in Britain
Roman Pottery in Britain (Tyers 1996)
  • Fabric code: SOMO (p.131)
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National Roman Fabric Reference Collection
(Dore & Tomber 1998, Museum of London Archaeology Service Monograph 2)
  • Fabric code: SOL WH (Soller White ware, p.79).
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Soller mortaria
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