Potsherd: Atlas of Roman Pottery

Roman Pottery in Britain : Errata

Errata for Paul Tyers Roman Pottery in Britain
(B.T.Batsford / Routledge, London, 1996).

Page Location Correction
15 near bottom of column 2 Insert Caernarfon before (Segontium)
64 text on Fig.37 For Nijmegan read Nijmegen
65 near middle of column 2 For Nijmegan read Nijmegen
106 caption of Fig.90 For 20BC read 25BC
119 caption of Fig.109 For Distribution read Corbridge mortaria: distribution
120 caption of Fig.111 For Mortaria read Colchester mortaria
121 caption of Fig.115 Leading `I' should be italicised
161 column 2, Bibliography For Nijmegan read Nijmegen
175 caption of Fig.217 Delete Scale 1:4. Published scale seems to be c. 1:4.8
188 bottom of column 1 For distributio read distribution
188 Fig.234 Delete isolated point on map in SW England
201 top of column 2 Insert Dropshort before Bucks.
204 near middle of column 1 For contents read contexts
206 column 2, Acknowledgements For Linux read Linus
206 column 2, Acknowledgements For Federation read Foundation
225 bottom of column 1 For Roman-British read Romano-British
227 column 2 For May, Thomas (186?-1931) read May, Thomas (1842-1931)
228 near top of column 3 Index entry Welwyn Garden City (Herts), 53 should be merged with further entries for same site in column 4 on the same page
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