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Camulodunum type 262, le type Besançon and Central Gaulish granite-tempered ware

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Site name Augsburg-Oberhausen
location DE Bayern
Typology Cam 262
Description From Augsburg-Oberhausen there is one example of a jar of form C262 (FIG.16, 14). The fabric is described as `Ton braun, grob, mit kleinen Steinchen gemagert. Oberfläche rauh, Goldglimmerzusatz.' Perhaps these `small stones' are feldspars, and this jar may be in TF1. Wells (1972, 87-89) suggests that the site was occupied by a small fort rather than a fortress, perhaps founded before the end of the first century BC. The site has certainly yielded Service Ib and Ic sigillata but the material published by Ulbert need not form a closed assemblage. The presence of Central Gaulish coarse wares as far east as Augsburg-Oberhausen might at first sight seem unlikely, but one might point to other vessels published by Ulbert as evidence of links with the same region. This includes four round-bodied bowls of the `type Roanne' (Ulbert 1960, Taf.14,18-21). Of the 12 Italian-type sigillata stamps catalogued in CVA2 (Oxe, Comfort & Kenrick 2000), seven are from Lyon potters.
Ferdière 1972
Bibliography Ulbert 1960, 43, Taf.14,15
Fabrics(s) TF1 Granite tempered - possibly
Location map : Augsburg-Oberhausen
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