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Camulodunum type 262, le type Besançon and Central Gaulish granite-tempered ware

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Site name Oberaden
location DE Nordrhein-Westfalen
Typology Cam 262
Description Oberaden form 101, catalogued with the `Belgischekeramik', is analogous to Camulodunum type 262 (FIG.16, 1). There was apparently only one example, in a coarse red-brown fabric, without wheel-marks but distinguished by a micaceous slip or wash over the rim and shoulder. Loeschcke cites the Trier vase, previously illustrated in his report on the material from Haltern (Loeschcke 1909, Abb.44,7) as a parallel, which might suggest that the Oberaden vessel is in TF1. Wells suggests that Oberaden was occupied for one or two seasons between c. 11 and 8BC (Wells 1972, 216-8; see also Hollstein 1979 for dendrochronological dates from the fortress).
Ferdière 1972
Bibliography Loeschcke in Albrecht 1942, 134, Type 101, Taf.42,101, Taf.40,3
Fabrics(s) TF1 Granite tempered - possibly
Location map : Oberaden
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