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Camulodunum type 262, le type Besançon and Central Gaulish granite-tempered ware

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Site name Cleaval Point, Ower
location GB Dorset
Typology Cam 262
Description There are three moulded-rim jars amongst the rich assemblage of Tiberio-Claudian imports recovered from a site at Ower in Poole Harbour, Dorset which fall within the range of Cam. type 262 (Timby in Woodward 1987, 78-9, Fig.41,40-42). Two of these (nos. 40 and 42) are in a fabric described as `hard, compact .. light orange-brown to grey in colour .. with inclusions of feldspar, mica (muscovite and biotite), quartz and iron'; they are hand-made with traces of a micaceous wash or slip on the exterior surface. Despite the reference to muscovite, which is not a characteristic of the ware, these jars may be assigned provisionally to TF1. The third vessel (no. 41) is in `a hard fairly sandy fabric, reddish-brown throughout, with [a] thin coat of mica slip'. This is unlikely to be TF1, but should be compared with the other wares known to be circulating in Central France -- it may even be an example of TF2. None of these vessels has been examined. The Ower assemblage also includes a painted `bol Roanne' and other fine wares from central and western Gaul, and the moulded-rim jars fit well into the picture of a site with wide cross-channel trading connections. It will be recalled that TF1 and Cam.262 jars in other wares have been identified at Alet in Brittany which would be one of the potential ports on the Gaulish coast from which such vessels could be shipped to Britain.
Ferdière 1972
Bibliography Timby in Woodward 1987, Fig.12, 40-42
Fabrics(s) TF1 Granite tempered - possibly
Location map : Cleaval Point, Ower
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