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Camulodunum type 262, le type Besançon and Central Gaulish granite-tempered ware

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Site name Alet
location FR 35-Ille-et-Vilaine
Typology Cam 262
Description Langouet draws attention to the micaceous moulded-rim jars from the important Late Iron Age and early Roman site at Alet-St.Servan. The jars, perhaps ten in number, include examples of form C262. They were mostly recovered from the `couche gauloise', and are described as `micacée et non tournée', the colour varying from pink to black. The petrological samples demonstrate that the jars from Alet include examples in both TF1 ( B20, B21, B22, B24, B27) and other wares ( B23, B26).

The assemblage from Alet includes sherds of Pompeian red ware, samian, (Langouet 1978, Pl.E), and Dressel 1 amphoras, both variants A and B (Sanquer 1978). However, it is not possible to reconstruct the detailed stratigraphic associations of the micaceous jars.

Ferdière 1972
Bibliography Langouet 1978, 65-7, Pl.F
Fabrics(s) TF1 Granite tempered - from petrological examination
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TS ID Image form petrology
20 TF1 Granite tempered
21 TF1 Granite tempered
22 TF1 Granite tempered
23 TF1 Granite tempered
24 Cam 262 TF1 Granite tempered
26 Cam 262 TF1 Granite tempered
Location map : Alet
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