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Camulodunum type 262, le type Besançon and Central Gaulish granite-tempered ware

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Site name Chartres
location FR 28-Eure-et-Loir
museum Musée des Beux Arts, Chartres
Typology Cam 262?
Description Late La Tène occupation levels have been identified at Chartres and the amphora assemblage includes both Dressel 1a and 1b types (Villes ed. 1985, fig.39A,1-3, fig.39B,1-2). From the earliest levels on site `SXX' there are a number of vessels in TF1 including a large bowl[ (Fig.13,1) and an undecorated jar of our class 2 (Fig.13,2). An early Augustan date may be suggested for this material.

From Augustan and later levels there are jars of form C262 in TF1 (Fig.13,4) and TF2 (Fig.13,5-6) and finer wheel-thrown jars similar to C102 (Fig.13,7-8). There is also a fine example of a two-handled flagon (Fig.13,9) closely matching, at least in form, type F3b in the `Standard Fabric' of Rigby and Freestone (1986, Fig.1,F3b) - the ware appears similar to British examples but this has not been tested petrologically.

Ferdière 1972 Site 6
Bibliography Ferdière 1972, site 6
Tuffreau-Libre 1978, 115 note 34
Villes ed. 1985, 64-9
Sellès 1988, nos.10,11,27-29
Jobelot and Vermeersch 1991, 268
Fabrics(s) TF1 Granite tempered - from petrological examination
TF2 ’Standard fabric‘ - from petrological examination
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TS ID Image form petrology
211 Cam 262 TF2 ’Standard fabric‘ /cf.B134
212 Cam 262
213 Cam 262
214 Cam 262
215 Cam 262 TF1 Granite tempered
216 White-slipped red ware flagon TF2 ’Standard fabric‘
217 White-slipped red ware flagon TF2 ’Standard fabric‘
218 White-slipped red ware flagon TF2 ’Standard fabric‘
219 White-slipped red ware flagon TF2 ’Standard fabric‘
220 White-slipped red ware 2-handled flagon TF2 ’Standard fabric‘
221 Dolia TF2 ’Standard fabric‘ /cf.B134
Location map : Chartres
Original text from Ferdière and Ferdière 1972
Additional illustrations, notes and text
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